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While threading has its advantages, however, its not feasible to use on larger parts of the body. Hence Waxing. For waxing at Indu Salon, we use our own custom made wax, which is 100% natural/organic and environment friendly,  i.e. No chemicals are used at all. It is practically "no mess" at all to cleanup, because its completely water soluble.

Some of the advantages of waxing are:

  • Removes hair from the root.

  • It leaves a silky and a smooth skin.

  • Removes dead skin cells.

  • Re-growing hair are softer and sparse, hence hair removal is easier each time.

  • Very fast for hair removal from larger body parts.

We recommend waxing in 4 to 6 weeks.
Waxing can be done on arms, legs, arm pits, bikini line, back, stomach, chest, and on face too.

Image by Sean O.
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